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Nancy & Ken Fickas: Creating a Lifestyle You Can Live With
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A Natural Path to Wellness

11703 Symmesvalley Dr. Loveland, OH 45140


I am Nancy Fickas and I have been helping families live healthier, more fulfilling lives for 24 years.

I educate individuals and families to make healthier choices and to shape their future health. By losing weight, eating more healthfully, smart supplementation, minimizing exposure to toxic chemicals in the diet, on their body and in the home, which can reduce the risk of future health problems.


I am a Health, Wellness, Skincare and Green Living Specialist with 30 + years of experience in Nutrition Wellness and Mentoring. I have 1000's of hours of training in nutrition, wellness and weight management and attend a Medical Professional Event yearly and attend training in various locations throughout the US as well as internationally. 

I have access to and consult with many health care professionals as well as a Science team of 60+ scientists. I am a participant  in the Landmark Study II which is studying supplement use and the health of tellomeres in relationship to longeivity.

I work closely with Dr. Dale Block, MD from Premier Health Net and together we do a monthly Lunch and Learn’s to bring wellness to individuals and families by teaching, educating and mentoring them to make better health and life choices. I have 2 additional MD’s I will begin working with in the Fall from Premier Health Net in Franklin and Lebanon.

I partner with Dr. Diane Petoskey, Naturopathic physican to facilitate cellular testing to uncover the cause of mild to severe health issues and to facilitate a program designed specifically for the individuals health isssues. We as work with all types of cancer at any stage. I also work closely with 6 chiropractors, a relexologist, 2 massage therapists and a cranial sacral therapist.

I have hosted and worked together with 2 oylmpic atheletes, Kent Bostick and Maureen Vergara. Kent at 42 beat a cyclist half his age to earn a spot on the 96' Oylimpic Team.


I have also mentored many local atheletes that are at the top of there sport in High School and some have gone  on to earn College scholorships. 


Feel free to email me to set a time for your appointment at no charge.


To Your Good Health,

A Natural Path to WellnessHealth, Wellness, Skincare and Green Living Specialist

Nancy Fickas - Certified Wellness Educator

Sr. Executive Coordinator - Shaklee



Health, Wellness, Skincare and Green Living Specialist